Fugitive Emissions Summit China 2016 Program

Conference program Fugitive Emissions Summit China 2016

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Plenary Session    Chair: Shanjun Mu, SINOPEC Qingdao Research Institute of Safety Engineering
Co-Chair: Bill Ross, Chevron-Texaco
8:50 Opening
9:00 Regulations on VOCs control in China – Jishan Cui, Ministry of Environmental Protection
9:30 Sinopec practice on LDAR – Shanjun Mu, SINOPEC Qingdao Research Institute of Safety Engineering
10:00 China’s experience and lessons learned – Dr. Edward Quick and Bronson Pate, Sage Environmental Consulting
10:30 Coffee break & Expo Visit
11:00 25 Years experience leading to Emission Reduction Results – Bart Wauterickx, The Sniffers
11:30 Master Class: Fugitive Emission Standards and Laboratory Testing of Valves and Seals – Matt Wasielewski, Yarmouth Research and Technology, LLC
12:30 Lunch break & Expo Visit
Master Class:
Introduction and implementation of the California & Kazakhstan best practices – Bill Ross, Chevron-Texaco
Technical Session
Chair: Henry Ye, Dupont
13:30 During the whole afternoon master class, you will learn the A to Z of VOCs and LDAR.
Upgrading existing plant valves to new FE requirements & implementation of a “Flange Management Program”
Understanding LDAR or Enhanced LDAR basics from an End User perspective Key elements, process and importance of “repairs that last”
Monitoring Methods; OVAs (FID / PID), IR Cameras
Record keeping & Reporting
Technology & the Future of ELP (Enhanced LDAR Program)
13:30 Gasket Materials that Replace Graphite to Reduce
Fugitive Emissions and Provide Excellent Life Cycle and Cost Savings.
– Jacky Guo, Flexitallic
14:00 Valve Stem Packing to Reduce Fugitive Emission from Chemical and Petrochemical Industries to conform with LDAR
– Yang Lu, Garlock Sealing Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
14:30 State of the Art Fugitive Emission Sealing Solutions for Processing Industry and OEM´s
– Thomas Heitz, Burgmann Packings GmbH
15:00 Coffee break & Expo visit
15:30 Actual FE information for existing old plants to current day
The path to select technical solutions for existing plant valves.
What has failed, What has worked? What is cost effective?
New valve FE requirements, Low-E valves; how & when should they be addressed?
Why consider applying Low-E valves to all services?
The need for Flange & Bolting Management?
Applying an established torque value for every flange connection.
15:30 Fugitive Emission Caused by Corrosion and Equipment Failures
– Henry Ye, DuPont China
16:00 Fugitive Emissions from Valves
– Hai Zhao, Rotork Actuation (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
16:30 Infra Red camera videos and demonstration of replacing valve packings. Bill Ross, Chevron-Texaco & Barrie Kirkman, Ex-BP expert & Mark Sparshott, Captiva Sealing

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Plenary Session     Chair: Barrie Kirkman, Ex-BP expert
9:00 Survey on Domestic and foreign LDAR environment management systems – Haoyun Huang, Tianjin Environmental Protection Bureau,
9:30 LDAR regulations/practise in Shanghai – Gangfeng Zhang, Shanghai Academy of Environmental Science
10:00 China LDAR data from end users – Bin Zou, Anshan Xiao, Dewu Ding, SINOPEC Qingdao Research Institute of Safety Engineering
Application of LDAR technology in refining and chemical enterprises
Use and quality testing of Low Emission Static Sealing
10:30 Tea/coffee break & Expo Visit 
LDAR Session Technical Session
Chair: Bill Ross, Chevron-Texaco
11:00 LDAR implementation in China and case studies
– Weifeng Chao, SGS China
US EPA Impact to Industry and Valve Manufacturers
– Paul Heald, Bonny Forge
11:30 Component Integrity Management Systems Implementation
– Silvio Stojic, Atemeco of Klinger Group
What makes a good FE packing for new/used valves?
– Carlos D. Girão , Teadit
12:00 UK LDAR, Capturing value and reducing loss
– Mark Sparshott, Captiva Sealing
Fugitive Emission Valve Practice
– Luke Chou, Neway Valve
12:30 Lunch break & Expo Visit
LDAR Session Technical Session
13:30 Is there a Return On Investment (ROI) for LDAR?
– Barrie Kirkman, Ex-BP expert
Flange bolting & gasket management & ASME PCC-1
– Bill Ross, Chevron-Texaco
14:00 Taiwan LDAR policies and regulations, management strategy and auditing means
– Siyu Feng, Thermo Fisher
Update on valve refurbishment in accordance to API 621
– Rodney Roth, AW Chesterton
14.30 Open Panel session 1

Best New Valve/ Testing/ Seals practices for future LDAR in China

Experts from end users, EPC company, LDAR, sealing company will be on the stage and do the open discussion about this topic, audience could come up with any questions.

15:00 Coffee break & Expo visit & Poster Section
15.30 Open Panel session 2

Best LDAR practice for future China

Panel experts from end users, LDAR companies. Audience to prepare questions.

16:15 Closing Ceremony