Connecting China’s fugitive emissions community & Preserve industry in China with safe and sustainable operations for the future!


April, 2024
Shanghai, China


The mission of this Summit is two-fold: First it aims to bring together a community of end users, EPCs, distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers for an exciting conference and exhibition that will help address the ever-changing world of fugitive emissions regulations and control. Fugitive Emissions is not a new concept in China. However despite the growing concerns on the air quality and environmental issues, the Fugitive Emissions and LDAR technologies have never been widely adopted in China’s industrial market until recent years. In 2024, a large group of experts from the global industry will share their knowledge, experience and innovations on the Fugitive Emissions control and LDAR practices. There will be a strong emphasis on LDAR programs and how all industries affected by current regulations can interpret and meet the regulations whether it be downstream or upstream.


Meanwhile, having the whole plant in mind and in view, maintaining aging industrial facilities is by no means an easy task. Worldwide many plants are about to reach – or have already surpassed – the life expectancies specified when they were originally designed and built. China is no exception as throughout the country plant managers and technicians are faced with several challenges posed by aging equipment and assets. To make sure industrial plants can continue to run both safely and productively, information is needed to find the best possible solution and make the right decisions for the future. This summit will also invite professionals and experts to talk about key issues of managing aging plants, including risk assessment, monitoring, inspection, and testing, as well as about how technological trends such as 3D printing and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) are starting to play an important role.


The program has been carefully compiled by the expert Steering Committee headed by Conference Chairman Anthony GAO from BASF (China) Co., Ltd.


The Conference brings EPCs, distributors, manufacturers, suppliers and end users together to strengthen relationships and exchange ideas and opinions.


Fugitive Emissions Summit China offers excellent learning opportunities at the conference. Sessions are open to all delegates!

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