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— 2020 Fugitive Emissions & Managing Aging Plants Summit China a great success

From preparation to completion, different kinds of situations keep coming in unexpected forms. The 2020 Fugitive Emissions & Managing Aging Plants Summit China is delayed two months due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19. And it is also in this relatively special period, on November 2-3, the Summit has been concluded with high praise and recognition.
The 2020 Fugitive Emissions & Managing Aging Plants Summit China was held on November 2-3 in the Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview. More than 300 industry players from end-users, EPCs, industry associations, testing and inspection institutions, manufacturers, environmental companies made pre-registration for the show. The actual attendance rate is as high as 95%. Moreover, quite a few people registered on the spot. The summit welcomed more delegates and attention than the previous events in 2016 and 2018.
Following the remarkable success of the previous, this year’s event was yet again a valuable communication platform for professionals from all over the industry with a special emphasis on fugitive emissions and VOCs control strategies in China on a global perspective. During conference plenary sessions, not only a couple of keynote speeches on FE solutions and case studies were delivered, but one open panel focused on End User Perspective Of Sealing Products Improvement And Upgrading was given by a group of industry experts as well. What is more, on the second day of the conference, there were also two independent sessions: Standard Analysis and Online Testing, and Sealing Technology, 8 excellent speeches were given to further discuss hot topics around fugitive emissions control.  It is worth mentioning here that this year “Tank” has become one important part of the whole FE discussion.
This year, the Managing Aging Plants Summit has been introduced to the China market for the first time and held together with the FE Summit. Due to different market conditions, the 2020 MAP China focuses on reliability and maintenance strategy of core equipment, intelligence solutions and new technologies discussion, etc. A group of wonderful speeches, penal discussions and independent sessions were set to fully talk about this new but interesting topic.
At the Wine Tasting Party, we presented prize and our sincere gratitude to all steering committee members, and it’s worth mentioning that, we especially set up the “Special Award Of Merit” to three delegates who have been making contributions to our events over years, Ms. Nicole Zhang from BASF, Mr. Dayong Li from Dow Chemical, and Mr. Henry YE from Chemours.

The exhibition area was closely set outside the conference room. Different from other grand expos, the FE&MAP exhibition stand is more exquisite and focused, aiming to provide both exhibitors and visitors a more comfortable opportunity to have an in-depth communication and explore more possibilities in the China market. Neway, Emerson and Burgmann and quality suppliers, 18 in total, have brought and demonstrated their featured products and service.
Asia, especially China as an important part of the global market has been striving to develop and making dramatic innovation. We welcome and look forward to more and more industry players from all over the world to join us in future events, namely Valve World Asia 2021 and Fugitive Emissions & Managing Aging Plants Summit China 2022, etc.

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A  Message from the Conference Chairman

Nowadays, innovations, new technologies, ideas, and business models emerge in quick succession everywhere. Facing this fast-changing situation, what and how should we re-position ourselves?

As a product or service provider, what’s your company strategy? Short-term survival or longterm development? What’s your tactic plan? Specialisation or diversification? Market segmentation or industrial upgrading? Have you been being able to keep up with end-user’s expectations meanwhile turning it into your own driven force? In short, it matters to every provider to think about these three philosophical problems, who are you? Where are you from? What direction will you go next?
As a product or service receiver, what’s at your first consideration among all important factors, such as reliability, creativity, total cost, lead time, globalisation, localisation, fast response, etc.? Are you also looking for new values from the market? Are there any potential providers to meet your demand?
Above all, there is no doubt that “added value” will always be of interest to all stakeholders. We should strive to develop a positive attitude toward the sound development of the Asian, and especially the Chinese market. On the other hand, when seeing a complex market situation, we should not only consider one part if the whole but consider it holistically. One can only have sufficient understanding inside and outside through joint discussion of the industries value chain distribution, “Stay hunry , stay foolish”, can we open the new area of “Industry 4.0” underpinned by intelligent manufacturing.
On behalf of the steering committee of the 3rd Fugitive Emissions Summit China and the 1st Managing Aging Plants Summit China, I am looking forward to listening to your opinions and ideas about “added value”. See you in 2020.

Anthony GAO BASF (China) Co.,Ltd.

2020 Fugitive Emissions & Managing Aging Plants Summit China will once again take place at the

Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview, Shanghai, China

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