Call for paper 2020

On this page you can download the Fugitive Emissions Summit China 2020 Call for Paper in PDF format. Click to download

Share your knowledge and experiences!

After a resounding success of the second event of Fugitive Emissions Summit 2018, the Fugitive Emissions Summit has become an industry recognized platform for information exchange. A Steering Committee with representatives from end users, EPCs, LDAR companies and major valve suppliers works hand-in-hand with the Fugitive Emissions Summit team to provide the industry with a top-rate event.

How to submit an abstract?

Please send your abstract to the conference manager, Ms Laura WANG, by e-mail at Prospective authors wishing to present a paper should submit an abstract of about 300–400 words before 6 March 2020, and suggest a few topics for the session that it will fit. Mention your name and function, company name and full address details including e-mail address, and the title of the paper. The following selection criteria will apply:

  • quality of the contents
  • focus on application experience
  • informative to a wide audience
  • tie-in with the conference subject
  • technical nature, i.e. non-commercial

The deadline for abstracts is 6 March 2020. Presenters will be notified by 1 June 2020 as to whether or not their proposed presentation has been accepted by the Steering Committee. They will then be invited to send in the complete manuscripts which will be published at the Valve World website. The deadline for manuscripts will be 1 September 2020. Presenters will receive a reduction of 25% on the conference fee.

The main topics will be:

  • Fugitive Emissions international standards
  • LDAR practice from different countries and markets
  • Valve and flange sealing technologies
  • VOCs control & LDAR regulations in China
  • Low Emission Testing
  • Case study of Fugitive Emissions control activities
  • Refinery and Chemical plant applications Industry trends


  • Chemical industry
  • Petrochemical/Refinery
  • Piping
  • LNG
  • Oil&Gas On- and Offshore
  • Power generation (including nuclear)
  • Pulp & Paper