Message from the Chairman

Mr. Mou Shanjun

Mr. Mou Shanjun

Dear friends and fellows in the community,

It is my great honor to participate in the 2016 Fugitive Emission Summit China as Chairman of the expert organizing committee. Fugitive emissions remain a hot topic within the petrochemical industry, but one that is hard to solve. It’s an important topic because of frequent accidents caused by fugitive emissions, but there is hardly any sign of mitigation.

Also, VOCs contributed by petrochemical plants via fugitive emissions are a cause of air pollution; and field operators might suffer occupational disease. At the same time, plants might suffer economic loss because VOCs can be raw materials, intermediate products or even final products.

The fugitive emission issue is both complicated and multi-disciplinary. It involves environment protection, safety, energy saving, occupational health, etc. Therefore, it’s really necessary to build up a comprehensive communication platform where experts can conveniently exchange experience and discuss technical issues.

As society becomes more and more serious about air quality and environmental issues, authorities are imposing more critical requirements against environmental pollution. The focus of experts and this event is to control the VOCs fugitive emission issues in the petrochemical industry and gradually reduce VOC emission.

Topics covered by this conference include international fugitive emission standards; timing of application of LDAR in the markets of different countries; valve and flange sealing technology; VOCs mitigation and LDAR concerned laws and regulations in China; practical cases of fugitive emission control; low emission testing; refinery and chemical plant practices; trends of the industry, and more.

We’re keen to invite end users, government authorities, research institutions, engineering companies and equipment suppliers to join this event.

I look forward to seeing you at the 2016 Fugitive Emission Summit China!

Mou Shanjun

Curriculum Vitae

Mou Shanjun(牟善军), Doctor, member of the (American) Center for Process Safety-Technology Commission, Chief Director of the China Occupational Safety & Health Association – Fire & Explosion Prevention Committee, Associate Director of  the State Administration of Work Safety-Chemical Registration Center; Deputy Dean of SINOPEC Safety Engineering Institute, Professor Senior Engineer, with over 30 years of experience in the field of chemical process safety.

Mou Shanjun supervised and participated in about 10 projects under the National Science & Technology Program, and won over 10 provincial & ministerial above-second-level science & technology awards. The LDAR technology research team lead by Mou Shanjun accomplished many scientific research projects for SINOPEC. He is also responsible for the promotion and application of SINOPEC’s LDAR technology.